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About the Park

Iron Horse Square is a five acre area in downtown Mineola that celebrates the railroad heritage of our city, county and East Texas area.

Situated between Front and Commerce Streets and alongside the Union Pacific Railroad tracks the park is a joint effort between the Mineola Landmark Commission, the Parks & Open Spaces Board and the City of Mineola.

Iron Horse Square will provide a historically rich venue for local recreation, family activities, concerts, and cultural events.

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Mission Statement

Iron Horse Square’s mission is to celebrate the railroad heritage of the city of Mineola by stimulating cultural, economic and social activity within and around the park.


  • Connect the park with the downtown area via a pedestrian bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad.
  • Construct a ½ mile walking path with historical railroad signage along the path.
  • Construct a 15” gauge railroad track with a 36 passenger train. (accomplished)
  • Construct a replica of Mineola Engine House to accomodate the mini train. (accomplished)
  • Erect replica of the M&KT Interlocking Tower built in 1887.
  • Place a model train layout of 1930’s Mineola & her railroads in the depot. (accomplished)
  • Purchase a Railroad Business or Lounge Car to place in the park to be used for a museum. The car will also be open for public viewing and small group meetings.
  • Host music, arts, and historical venues throughout the year.